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  Every girl ponders and dreams of how she might meet her husband someday. To be honest, if it hadn't actually happened to me, I would've just thought it was a tale for a storybook.


In the Spring of 2017 I was looking for a second photographer to help with a wedding I had. My sister Anya, who was usually my second photographer, was unavailable and had given me plenty of notice so I figured I was fine. Little did I know, that after reaching out to all my contacts and every other resource I could think of, I would have no luck in finding a replacement. Finally, after a month of searching, a friend whom had been my last hope, gave me one last lead to try. With only 24 left before the wedding was scheduled to take place, I crossed my fingers and prayed that this lead would come through. Sure enough it did. The next day I arrived to the church parking where the ceremony would be taking place and waited to see who this mystery knight would be. As a car pulled up next to mine and a man stepped out, his luscious hair being brushed back my his hand and his strong facial features looking up to the sky I thought, "Wow". However, being in a committed relationship as I was at the time and meeting this stranger in a work setting, I quickly dismissed the thought and stepped out of my car to meet this man and begin photographing at once.


Little did I know that Marcus, as he introduced himself, had actually seen my picture on a previous employers website, of whom he was currently working for and had noted to himself that he had hoped to meet me. However, crazy enough, he didn't actually put together who I was until later that day! The wedding went beautifully and I was a little taken back by how easy it was to work with Marcus. Some people in life you just click right away with and that was definitely the case for Marcus and I. I also loved his work. His pictures were so beautiful and inspiring that I was shocked when he told me he had only been photographing weddings for a short time.


A Few months went by without contact with Marcus and coincidently during that time my relationship had ended, so by the time fall came around and I needed help with another wedding I made sure to take more notes of how handsome Marcus was and threw a few flirtations in there as well throughout the day. However, neither one of us had any intention of dating or trusting a new person so we kept the flirting at arms length and slowly began to photograph more and more weddings and events together while forming a friendship. I realized not long after that I would start coming up with reasons to contact Marcus and see him. I still knew I was not ready to date but I had been thinking that if I could trust him with my work, as I had been doing, then perhaps in time, I could trust him in other areas of my life as well. So after attending a festival one day I practically gave him 20 questions while we were grabbing burritos. One after one my line of questioning came out. " What do you look for in a girl", " What are your values", " What are your morals", " What is your family like"etc.... Then, I proceeded to tell him my answers to all the questions I asked him along with all the things I don't put up with in a relationship, such as lying, or being rude.  Once I was all done with my interrogation, Marcus calmly looks at me and says " so.... we like each other, right?" . It was a face to palm moment, haha! A week later we began to officially date. 


Now, over two years later, we are getting married! It has been a rough road, but it's been a glorious one thus far as well! We are each others confidant, best friend, love of our lives, conquerer of each others fears, and upholder of each others strengths. Neither one of us thought we would find real love in this life but I can honestly say that for the first time in our lives, we both know we have it! I cherish Marcus like no other and on Feb 10th 2020, I will be his wife!      



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