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    Izbicki Wedding


  I first Met Gina & Adrain when we did their engagement session last year. Right away we clicked! Not only were they laid back and fun to work with but our personalities and lifestyles were very similar so it made for an instant kinship between us! As the months went by and their wedding day got closer and closer, I felt as excited for them as if it was my own wedding day! We had all come to know each other not only as photographer and clients, but as friends!

  Their wedding day started out at Creative Edge Salon in Henrietta NY. As I walked through the salon doors, I was immediately greeted with a huge smile and hug from Gina! Creative Edge Salon had done a marvelous job on her hair and her makeup was on point! After I met a few new faces I got right to work on some detail shoots of Gina's accessories and dress. Once it was time for Gina to get dress, she not only did it all by herself, but did it wearing 4" high heels! I don't know about anyone else, but I know I am surely not that coordinated! 

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